Can I upgade firmware PRI:1.1.1/STA:1.5.6 on DWL-520

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Mon Mar 3 11:44:36 EST 2003

Javor Marinov <amoeba at> said:

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> Can I upgrade firmware PRI 1.1.1/STA 1.5.6 on this card?
> Becouse, on the I can't find firmware for DWL-520 
> I find somewhere information for problem with STA:1.3.4
> may be corrupt packets .. or something like this .. 

If my memory serves me, 1.3.4 was a fairly good firmware.  Whatever problem 
you are having, my guess is that it is not firmware related.  But it's worh 
trying a firmware upgrade, I suppose.

> If this upgrade is possible,
> where I can get this firmware , and
> how is better to upgrade: with windoze utils or with prism_srec ? 

It is possible to upgrade if you find the right firmwares.  There is plenty 
of information on this in the mailing list archives:

In particular, my post two days ago may be helpful to you:

I generally use the windows utility for firmware upgrades.  prism2_srec has a 
flag for flashing firmware to non-volatile memory, but it would appear that 
the functionality is disabled by default.  (However, prism2_srec works great 
for volatile firmware images!)  Anyone care to comment on flashing under 

> btw, I get tarball with STA1.5.6 from message:
> following link 

I can't vouch for those firmwares since I have never used them.  I also do 
not know if any of those are non-volatile firmwares.  At least some of them 
are for volatile memory only.  Prism firmware can be updated temporarily in 
volatile memory (which is cleared when the card is reset) or it can be 
permanently flashed to the card.  The volatile version of, say, STA 1.5.6 
firmware is different from the non-volatile version.  I have use both the 
Netgate and Aeropad non-volatile firmwares which are linked in the message 
linked above without problems.

> Just I can't understand, is all this firmwares are compatible wiht all
> prism2;2.5 chipsets
> or may be firmware 1.4.9 is good ? 

See the message linked above.  As for which firmwares are good and bad, the 
HostAP Changelog a good source of information about that.  With regard to 
1.4.9, it was one of the better ones, as I remember.  I used it on at least 
two of my cards under both windows and linux for some time.  (I only upgraded 
to 1.5.6 to get proper WDS functionality.)  You can find the Changelog on the 
HostAP website ( ).

> Thanks in advance! 
> sorry for my bad english , I'm Bulgarian =) 
> bye
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