Lockups with SMP

Jiri Fojtasek jiri.fojtasek at hlohovec.net
Mon Jun 30 18:23:01 EDT 2003

Leonardo Pereira Santos wrote:

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>>IMHO i think XI-626 need a PCI revision 2.1 or 2.2 ? Iam using a boards
>>that pass PCI revision requirements and not have those problems (d-com
>>and sparklan wl-360, avreage 10-15 associated clients) . In some routers
>>iam also using low cost motherboards (with via C3 on board) with no
>>problems ... IMHO maybe coming time turn off  old p100 router and
>>upgrade it, to pass basic PCI bus requirements with the wlan card ... I
>>using my own patch to solve BAP busy timeouts, maybe its a goal or me
>>(from pre 0.0.1 to current 0.0.3) ...
>I guess a C3 Gigapro uP is way faster than a P100, or we might just get some 
>bad luck and the C3 is just fast enought... Ok, anyway, what about this ptach 
>of yours? Can you send it to the list? Is it against hostap-0.03?
>>HostAP mailing list
>>HostAP at shmoo.com
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(oops sorry,  i sent it in wrong format)


I have posted this patch already, but OK. I using it with all hostap 
versions i use. Jouni had done related solutuon in one from the latest 
patches but BAP0 timeout happen for me again, so i think something was 
wrong ....

There is a HFA384X_BAP_BUSY_TIMEOUT define that define count of retries 
to get  BAP0 ready status. The timeout betwen retries are defined by the 
udelay function. I begin experiment with those values:

pre 0.0.1 cvs versions was defined number of retries 5000 and udealy 
betwen retries 1usec. I had problem when i setup hostap driver with the 
scripts (some values as SSID RTS etc was not setup correctly), and when 
i start ping flooding. I change retries to 10000 and all related 
problems gone !
0.0.1 version has same settings as pre 0.0.1 and i have changet only 
retries to 10000
0.0.3 ( 0.0.2 i not used) version have retries 5000 and the delay was 
changet to 10usec. So for first look it seems to be ok because the 
maximum timeout are higer that my previous settings. But it was not 
right ! Due to some reason the timeout scaling by 10usec was not good 
and my log sometime during hight speed transfers got old know BAP0 busy 
timeout message ... I have reverted old working algorithm and from that 
time i not had any from those messages.

IMHO 10usec scaling to get BAP0 ready status are much long and cause CPU 
saturation whish can result at slover CPU's some problems ....

BTW I using three routers with Via C3 onboard (an ECS micro ATX manboard 
wit SIS chipset) , one with Celeron 1.3 Ghz and a Via KT-133 chipset. 
Wlan cards are d-com wl-360 PCI and sparklan wl-360f PCI, firmware 1.5.6 
and 1.7.4 , Redhat 8.0 with latest updates ...

The patch i used against 0.0.3 :

--- ./hostap-0.0.3/driver/modules/hostap_hw.c   2003-06-25 
07:10:40.000000000 +0200
+++ ./hostap-0.0.3.work/driver/modules/hostap_hw.c      2003-06-26 
10:04:13.000000000 +0200
@@ -147,9 +147,9 @@

 /* ca. 1 usec */
 #define HFA384X_CMD_BUSY_TIMEOUT 5000
+#define HFA384X_BAP_BUSY_TIMEOUT 10000

 /* ca. 10 usec */
-#define HFA384X_BAP_BUSY_TIMEOUT 5000
 #define HFA384X_INIT_TIMEOUT 50000
 #define HFA384X_CMD_COMPL_TIMEOUT 20000
 #define HFA384X_DL_COMPL_TIMEOUT 1000000
@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@

        while ((HFA384X_INW(o_off) & HFA384X_OFFSET_BUSY) && tries > 0) {
-               udelay(10);
+               udelay(1);
        return (HFA384X_INW(o_off) & HFA384X_OFFSET_BUSY);

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