Lockups with SMP

Mojo B. Nichols mojo.nichols at verizon.net
Sun Jun 29 02:21:47 EDT 2003

>>>>> "Jirka" == Jirka Bohac <jbohac at jikos.cz> writes:

>> I am just wondering if there is any progress on lockups involving
>> SMP machines.

I'm taking that back I recompiled hostap-0.0.3 and have been unable to
make it lockup my SMP all morning.  So I thought I had since this but
perhaps I had not managed to insert the current modules.  Or maybe it
was a lockup, but it much, much, much more reliable (kernel 2.4.20 and
if you want other details about my system let me know).  In either
case many thanks to the people who have devoted the time to contribute
to the driver.



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