associating to other APs while in hostapmode

Ishwar Ramani ishwar at
Sun Jun 29 00:00:27 EDT 2003

I am trying to associate with other APs while in the hostapmode from my
laptop running rh9.
I am using the latest version of hostap on a linksys wpc11 card with f/w
versions 1.1.1(pri) and 1.5.6(sta). I generate authentication and
associate packets from the hostap daemon. The handshake works well till
the association response is sent from the AP. Any packet sent from the AP
to the laptop after this results in a de-aunthenticate packet generated
from the card to the AP. The reason code on the de-authenticate packet is
"deauthenticated because sending STA is leaving (has left) IBSS or ESS
(0x0003)". This happends even when i am standing very close to the AP.

Has anyone tried this before? Any help is appreciated.


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