hardware WEP causes timeout problems (was RE: timeout problems on Prism3 but not on Prism2? Or is it thefirmware? Or host_encryption?)

Joseph Chiu joseph at omnilux.net
Fri Jun 27 18:19:43 EDT 2003

After several hours of continuous testing, I confirmed that hardware-based
WEP is the source of timeouts.
Doing host encryption/decryption, I was able to run for 3 hours without
fail.   When I switched back to on-card WEP, the timeouts appeared almost
instantly.  After a little while, using on-card WEP completely killed
traffic on the card (until I switched back to host-based WEP).

These timeouts are rather nasty for WinXP/Win2K WiFi clients because they
quickly down the interface when the timeout problem appeas, and kills TCP/IP


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