timeout problems on Prism3 but not on Prism2? Or is it the firmware? Or host_encryption?

Joseph Chiu joseph at omnilux.net
Fri Jun 27 15:00:13 EDT 2003

I've been banging away for a while on a Prism3 card from Bromax and having
the BAP0 timeout problems.
Exasperated, I switched to an older D-Link Prism2 card and the BAP0 timeout
problems disappeared!

There are some differences in the two configurations -- I am running the
Prism3 card on ram-firmware 1.4.9, while the Prism2 card is running on
flash-firmware 0.8.2.  Consequently, on the Prism3, I was doing
hardware-based encyrption, while on the Prism2 doing host-based encryption.

Doing host-based encyrption on the Prism3 seems to have gotten rid of the
BAP0 timeout problems (so far -- I have only been testing for about 15
minutes now).  Can anyone else out there see what happens when they turn on
host-based encryption with

iwpriv wlan0 host_encrypt 1
iwpriv wlan0 host_decrypt 1


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