Lockups with SMP

Leonardo Pereira Santos lsantos at pd3.com.br
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I have the exact same problem with a embedded board with hostap-0.0.3 and a 
ZyXEL B-100 (WPC11) 1.5.6. I have this board in master mode, bridging with a 
wired network and it only takes like 2 minutes of constant traffic for the 
card to reset.

There's not much documentation on this, the closer message I found was this 


And Jouni's answer for it was the problem was due to a HW or low level driver 
problem . The other related messages are usually about timeouts due to bad 
IRQ configuration on PCI boards.

On Friday 27 June 2003 14:30, Mojo B. Nichols wrote:
> Jirka Bohac <jbohac at jikos.cz> writes:
> > > I am just wondering if there is any progress on lockups involving SMP
> > > machines.
> >
> > ...
> >
> > > then followed by "hostap_pci: wlan0: resetting card", then nothing.
> >
> > This obviously is not just a SMP issue. We have the same problems on
> > uniprocessor machines. Some people have more luck with fast computers,
> > slower ones (like my P100) seem to suffer more.
> >
> > My explanation to this is, that there is some locking problem (either
> > insufficient locking or a deadlock) and, on the fast computer, the first
> > of the conflicting events is likely to be finished before it is
> > interrupted by the second... ???????
> Unless of course you have fast computer with two cpu's in which case
> under significant data sending and recieving one cpu clobbers the
> other. So the problem is exasperated by having SMP. If I browse the
> webserver directly on the box, it will lockup within 5 minutes.
> However, if I NAT traffic on my SMP Access point very seldom does it
> lock up once a month (???).  I presume the Second cpu is busy
> forwarding the traffic.  I only have two cpus.
> > If I can do anything to help solve this issue, I will try - it's a major
> > problem for many in our network.
> Likewise, if there is anything me and my peasized brain can do to help, I
> will try.
> Mojo
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