problems after authentication (wep key?)

Haidong Xia hdxia1 at
Fri Jun 20 15:38:47 EDT 2003

Dear All,

My experiment setup is

AP :  HostAP on IBM Laptop
client: Window XP on a laptop, with orinico card
Authentication server: IAS Radius, and Active Directory on Windows 2000.
Auth method:  PEAP with ms chap2.
Default key is: 1234567890.

I found that if I turn the "wep_key_len_broadcast" off in the Hostapd.conf 
file, The client can be authenticated, but it can't get an valid IP address. 
I am afraid that something is wrong with the default broadcast key. 
Initially, I use 1234567890.  The question is why client can't get an IP 
address. I use ethereal to check the packages in HostAP side. I can see a 
DHCP request from the client, and also a reply from my DHCP server. But this 
DHCP reply just can't reach the client.

Anybody knows what is going on, and how should I fix it?

But If it set 'wep_key_len_broadcast = 5'. There is no problem at all.

For some reason, I don't want to rekey the broadcast key, and I want to keep 
it as the default 1234567890.

thanks for any solution.

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