senao SL-2511CD ext2

Ryan ryan at
Wed Jun 18 17:25:18 EDT 2003

to find the manfid try: cardctl ident

Alberto Malvido wrote:

> Hi all,
> I purchase one Senao SL-2511CD EXT2 802.11b card, and one PCI-PCMCIA 
> RICOH adapter. I´m trying install hostap under Debian but i have some 
> doubts.
> I don´t know the manfid of this card, the veersion and the others 
> parameters that I must include in hostap_cs.conf file.
> Also, I don´t know how compile the driver:
>     make pccard?
>     make pci?
>     make plx?
> I have a 2.4.18 kernel, do I need install pcmcia_cs or can I use the 
> pcmcia already installed?.
> If somebady have one How-to to install this card under Debian I would 
> be greatefull.
> Thank you Very Much.

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