Wireless point to point signal strength monitoring tool

Ricardo Galli gallir at uib.es
Wed Jun 18 04:55:24 EDT 2003

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On Wednesday 18 June 2003 10:18, gARetH baBB shaped the electrons to shout:
> > Yes, and of course the number seem to be different on different firmware
> > versions and probably different card models.. I haven't been able to
> > find good Intersil document or knowledge base article that would
> > describe the all possible conversion functions.
> I think you should just forget about trying to convert to dBm/mW, or any
> form of units.
> I was playing with iwconfig txpower yesterday, 0mW (-infinity/-212etc dB)
> would give me the minimum (but certainly not off - I suppose if you can't
> turn the tx side of the radio off on it's own without also effecting the
> rx side of the radio then this is unavoidable) and 1mW (0 dB) and above
> would give me the maximum output ...

In this case ask to use the same units to the authors of wireless-tools and 
all wireless card drivers.

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