RTS/CTS even though disabled?

Francesco Sigona francesco.sigona at unile.it
Tue Jun 17 05:22:32 EDT 2003


I noticed a strange behaviour about the RTS/CTS mechanism.
I've threee Netgear wireless cards(STA: v1.3.6) with hostap 0.0.3 in managed, master and monitor mode, with the RTS/CTS feature set to off.
During netperf sessions from the managed one to the master, I can see RTS frames sent by the managed to the master and consenquent CTS frames. This happens only when the recevied signal strength (at the master which is the recevier fo the managed) is very low (when I raise the tx power in the managed, the RTS disappear).

Is this due to corrupted frames (but I don't believe) ?
I don't believe this is due to driver, but to the card itself.

Did anyone notice a similar behaviour?

Thanks in advance.


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