Bringing Compaq WL200 back to live

Piotr Dąbrowski piotrdab at
Tue Jun 17 05:04:27 EDT 2003


I've recently bought Compaq WL200 card and  when I was trying to
change PRI i STA firmware, I choose wrong one. L Now card is dead.

I was using the flash tool from Compaq SP14796.EXE, which originally
change WL200 PRI firmware to version 0.3.0 and STA firmware to 0.8.0.

Now when I try to use this tool to check status of card (flash -5v -s), I
Prism Flash Utility - EPK
PCIC: 82365SL Compatible -A step (5V only)
Card 0 found: card was off
Bad status 8000 auxEnable failed!
PDA was invalid.

When I try to flash PRI firmware (flash -5v -d p10003c0.hex), I receive:
Loading hex file "p10003c0.hex" for download.
3fe4400 - 3fe67e (0x027e bytes)
[insert filename]
Warning: PDA item 3 not found. Using default in hex file.
Warning: PDA item 5 not found. Using default in hex file.
Warning: PDA item 6 not found. Using default in hex file.
Warning: PDA item 7 not found. Using default in hex file.
Warning: PDA item 8 not found. Using default in hex file.
CRC gen record - address: 3f17fe, size: 2, program in flash? no
CRC gen record - address: 3fe400, size: 7fe, program in flash? yes
CRC gen record - address: 3f0800, size: f54, program in flash? yes
Loaded file successfully. 311 lines

Error - cannot issue command. Busy bit already set.
Unexpected length! RID FD01 READ ERROR!
Download FAILED.
When trying to flash STA firmware, I receive almost the same information.

Is there any chance to bring my card "back to live"?

I try to search Internet to solved my problem and I found this:
I have a DWL-520 rev 2 prism 2 based card, and all the tool to repair it.
But I need the "PDA" part of this firmware to repair it.
 If you want to help me to repair my card, just download this files:

on Windows platform:
Write the floppy_flash.image to a disk with the rawwritewin utility

on Linux platform
dd if=./floppy_flash.img of=/dev/fd0

Reboot the system, and then when you are on FreeDOS, just use the tool
flash.exe in the "fw" directory (I dont remember exactly the name of this
directory, Anyway)

and typ flash -pd dwl520.pda

to backup your pda firmware in a file on the floppy.

Then, wen you have do this, just send me that file and I will try to repair
my card, and if it work, I will write a howto repair a prism based card

See you

Swen Röthlisberger

What do You think about that?
Is it possible to flash PDA?

Best, best, regards
Piotr Dabrowski

Ps. Sorry for my poor english

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