DLink 650 and bitrate problem

Piotr Dąbrowski piotrdab at ks.onet.pl
Tue Jun 10 06:51:06 EDT 2003

Dear Jouni!

Sorry for taking Your time!
The problem was different. Iwconfig works perfectly.
After I start computer it shows 11M bitrate (though I wrote
iwconfig wlan0 rate 1M fixed), but when first station
is authenticated, iwconfig shows 1M. 

I discovered, that my problem was related with switching
between antennas. Somehow my card (Dlink DWL650)
was switch to different antenna, the external one. So I:
prism2_param wlan0 antsel_tx 2
prism2_param wlan0 antsel_rx 2
and everything goes back to normal.
Once more, sorry for border You.
Best regards
Piotr Dabrowski

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