Is it possible ???

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Wed Jun 11 09:55:12 EDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 03:39:13PM +0900, imp wrote:

> PC 1 ------------
>                    | (hostap box as STA Mode))  <<<<<<< wireless medium >>>>>>>> (hostap box AP Mode) ------- Internet.
> PC2 ------------
> Of course, I can communication from hostap box (STA mode) to internet.. when I attach it to hostap (AP Mode) box as STA Mode
> and PC1 and PC2 (attached wired network)  to hostap box (STA Mode).
> As above configuration..  I just make bridge eth0 and wlan0 in hostap box (STA Mode) and try ping to internet at PC1 or PC2.
> It does not success...

Normal IEEE 802.11 station cannot bridge on layer 2. You would either
need to use WDS or IP routing instead of bridging. Host AP driver
supports a configuration in which a station is associating with the AP
and using normal 3-addr frames for frames that it generated itself and
WDS (4-addr) frames for frames it bridged on from other stations.

> Cause of WDS speed limitation, I'd like keep away using WDS link between two hostap. 

What WDS speed limitations are you talking about? WDS only adds 6 octets
into each frames and this should not really have much effect on the

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