Is it possible ???

imp imp at
Thu Jun 12 02:39:13 EDT 2003

Dear all.

I wonder to know some qurious network configuration question using hostap... Could you please give me any advice ??

PC 1 ------------
                   | (hostap box as STA Mode))  <<<<<<< wireless medium >>>>>>>> (hostap box AP Mode) ------- Internet.
PC2 ------------

Of course, I can communication from hostap box (STA mode) to internet.. when I attach it to hostap (AP Mode) box as STA Mode
and PC1 and PC2 (attached wired network)  to hostap box (STA Mode).

As above configuration..  I just make bridge eth0 and wlan0 in hostap box (STA Mode) and try ping to internet at PC1 or PC2.
It does not success...

Cause of WDS speed limitation, I'd like keep away using WDS link between two hostap. 

Which way to success internet at PC1 or PC2 ? 
I welcome any your comment... 


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