Possible problem with Hostap and latest PCMCIA-CS-3.2.4

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at igreen.net
Mon Jun 9 09:38:54 EDT 2003

I recompile without kernel pcmcia support.
I then compile pcmcia-cs seperatelly and edit the hostap Makefile to compile
and install that seperatelly also.

Just found it strange that I have these problems with 3.2.4 but when I
change back to 3.1.34 everything is fine.  I'm not changing anything other
than the pcmcia-cs package version. Same kernel and same HostAp version.

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From: "Pavel Roskin" <proski at gnu.org>
To: "Ryan Abbenhuys" <sneeze at alphalink.com.au>
Subject: Re: Possible problem with Hostap and latest PCMCIA-CS-3.2.4

> If it's a Red Hat kernel, then you are using PCMCIA drivers from the
> kernel, not from pcmcia-cs.  The only thing you use from pcmcia-cs is
> cardmgr.  I don't think your problems are related to cardmgr because it
> simply binds the driver to the card.
> Yes, and it's working fine.

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