Possible problem with Hostap and latest PCMCIA-CS-3.2.4

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at igreen.net
Mon Jun 9 03:43:02 EDT 2003

Running HostAP(latest cvs) with PCMCIA-CS-3.2.4 seems to yield shocking
packet loss even just pinging between machines. A lot of the time there's no
response at all.  I tried pinging from a client machine to the Hostap
machine while running tcpdump and I can see the incoming ping requests but
it seems nothing goes back to the client. (iptables isn't running so there's
nothing being blocked)

I switched back to pcmcia-cs-3.1.34 and everything starts working perfectly.
I'm running RH9 with kernel ver 2.4.20-18.9

Could just be a problem with the pcmcia-cs package itself but thought i'd
bring it to the lists attention incase it's not.
Anyone else tried card services 3.2.4 with hostap?

  Ryan Abbenhuys

sneeze (at) alphalink.com.au
rabbenhuys (at) mfbb.vic.gov.au
ryana (at) igreen.net
sneeze (at) igreen.net

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