card initialization+firmware problems

Elias Tsigoyannis a99-4427 at
Sat Aug 30 12:31:46 EDT 2003

Hello to everybody!

Can somebody explain to me the initialization process of a prism2 card?
I use the winupdate programme to upgrade the firmware of my card and it

Platform:    8003
Primary Firmware:    0.3.0
Station (Secondary) Firmware: 0.6.2

At first, I would like to ask if there is a primary firmware that is newer
than 0.3.0 for my card. I have seen
primary firmwares with number 1.1.0, but they are for different platforms
(800a,etc). Is there such a firmware
for my card? I have also found secondary firmware 1.5.6 that can be flashed
to my card. Does anyone have station firmware
1.7.x for platform 8003?

Anyway, I want to use this card in ad hoc mode. At first, I was using
firmware 0.6.2. I issued the "initialize command" without
any problems, however I noticed that when I put the value 0 to RID PortType
(0xFC00) as Intersil Prism
Driver's Manual says, even though I got a link status message that said
"Connected", immediately after I issued the "enable command" (for channel
the RID PortStatus (0xFD40) had the value 6 (Connected to WDS). I read
Intersil's FAQs and found out
that the old manual said that old firmwares should use value 4 for RID
PortType. I tried that and the result was
that I didn't get a Link Status message, after the "enable command", but
PortStatus had the value 3 (Connected to IBSS). The problem either way
is that I can neither send any frames nor is my IBSS detected by any network
analyzers that I've used (I have 2 pcs. In one
of them I run the wireless network analyzer and at the second one I create
the IBSS. Both of them have Intersil Prism HWB3163-EVAL
wireless cards).

Anyway, I tried upgrading the firmware to 1.4.9 and 1.5.6 and now I face a
different problem. Although I can't put value 4 to
PortType (because PortStatus gets a value not specified by Intersil's
manual), if I put value 0 to PortType, then PortStatus gets
the value 2 (Searching for initial connection) and remains there. Since I
always put value 1 to RID createIBSS (FC81) that means
that the card should either search for an ESS/IBSS or create an IBSS, after
a while the RID PortStatus should change to 3
(Connected to IBSS). However it doesn't.

Does anyone know any firmware that operates according to Intersil's Driver
Programmer's manual?
I want the following events to occur:

1)I issue the initialize command
2)I set RID PortType to 0 (or 4...however please tell me which one I should
3)I set RID createIBSS to 1 (join ESS or create/join IBSS)
4)I configure DesiredSSID,OwnSSID,OwnName,Channel
5)I issue the enable command for channel 0
6)I get a link status interrupt that says that I am connected and the
PortStatus RID has the value 3 (Connected to IBSS)

If I have understood something wrong and that's not the correct
initialization sequence please inform me..

Thanks in advance,
Elias Tsigoyannis

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