hostAP vs Dedicated AP

insecure insecure at
Sat Aug 23 07:40:39 EDT 2003

On Thursday 21 August 2003 12:26, Anand S. Katti wrote:
> 1. WEP or equivalent protocols supported.

hostap can do WEP in firmware or software,
can be modified to do anything you want in software.

> 2. capability to host multiple BSS names.

don't know

> 3. packet forwarding latencies.

Done in firmware, must be the same

> 4. range.

Don't know, this depends on hardware quality

> 5. No. of hosts supported.

This is limited by throughput degradation.
Theoretically you can have 2000+ hosts.

> 6. any other added advantages.

With hostap I turn off bridging and do routing.
This allows me to do firewalling (iptables),
traffic accounting etc etc etc.
If I will ever want it, I can do DHCP,
IPsec, traffic shaping, myriad of things.

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