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Mon Aug 18 22:21:30 EDT 2003

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 03:30:51PM +0200, ARLETH, DANIEL wrote:

> The ISP Router and AP1 are placed at the attic, accessible for everybody, so
> I bought a small cabinet to secure them. That's the reason why I bought the
> Nortel Card, because of its external antenna.
> And now I want to associate the AP1 as a normal client to the AP2 (because
> there is no master mode driver for the Nortel card), but bridge the ISP
> router and the wlan anyway together. 

You cannot use a IEEE 802.11 device that operates as a client that is
associated to an AP ("Managed"/"Infra" mode) to implement layer2 bridge.
IEEE 802.11 standard frames do not allow the source MAC address be
changed in the frames sent by that device.

However, you do not need to use "Master" (AP) mode for bridging; you
could also use WDS links without normal AP functionality. This may even
work with Lucent/Orinoco-based cards. At least, I have been able to use
Host AP driver with Lucent WaveLAN card to send and receive standard WDS
frames ('iwconfig wlan0 mode Repeater' and then add WDS links with
iwpriv wds_add command). This does not require Host AP mode.

> The ISP Router masquerades all connections, because the internal net is
> and I can't add static routes so I would have to masquerade on
> AP1, too. That may work, but hmm, I think there must be a better way. 

Why do you think that masquerading on AP1 would not be OK?

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