Seeting up access point - can detect signal

Denis Vlasenko vda at
Fri Aug 8 01:40:38 EDT 2003

On 7 August 2003 21:09, Madhusudan Singh wrote:
>     I have a Netgear MA311 PCI card installed and properly recognized on 
> my desktop machine. I compiled hostap-0.0.4 and also the hostapd daemon 
> (my /etc/hostapd.conf is at the end of this email).
>     I am trying to set up this card as an Access Point.
>     My client is a properly configured and working Netgear MA401 PCMCIA 
> card in my notebook. (see 
> http;// ).
>     I get the following messages on console on the DHCP server :
> Received 30 bytes management frame
> mgmt::auth
> authentication: STA=cl:cl:cl:cl:cl:cl auth_alg=0 auth_transaction=1 
> status_code=0 wep=0
> Unsupported authentication algorithm (0)
> authentication reply: STA=cl:cl:cl:cl:cl:cl auth_alg=0 
> auth_transaction=2 resp=13

This does not look like DHCP for me.
> cl:cl:cl:cl:cl:cl are the hex bits of the correct MAC address of my 
> client Netgear card. (obfuscated here for security).
>     On the client, my wireless link monitor shows a signal strength of 
> about 89 % and /sbin/iwconfig indicates the correct MAC address (I hope 
> its not my neighbour's access point but the essid is "something" on both 
> client and server and that gives me some confidence !) in the Access 
> Point o/p. That means that it is picking up the signal from my desktop.  
> But I can't seem to use ssh or anything like that.
>     What could be wrong ? A misconfiguration of the DHCP server ? (I am 
> using two different subnets - one ( for the crossover 
> cable and the other ( for the wireless).)

Use static IPs (no DHCP), no WEP, and try to make this simple configuration
work first.

>     One ancillary question - when I use WEP, what extra stuff do I need 
> to do for the client ?

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