Workaround for some SMP stability issues - request for testing

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo at
Wed Aug 6 21:22:25 EDT 2003

> The workaround seemed to eliminate more or less all corrupted fid values
> in the test system. Consequently, there was no need to reset the
> hardware and no host system hangs.
> I added the workaround and test code into CVS and I would like to ask
> people with SMP systems to test the CVS snapshot version and report what
> they see in kernel log ('dmesg' output) and whether they see any system
> hangs or in general changes to the previous versions of the driver.

I am upgrading to CVS, will flash 1.7.4 and the try the SMP version.
Will report ASAP.

Eduardo Kaftanski
eduardo at
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