modify PDA to control txpower

William Tai williamt at
Mon Aug 4 14:00:52 EDT 2003

Hi All:

    I am trying modify PDR 0x0300 and PDR 0x0301 to control txpower by
calling prism2_download_volatile( ).
However I do not know the param0 and param1.
I know the starting addr of PDA is 0x7f0000.

/*     part of function  prism2_download_volatile( )
 param0 = param->start_addr & 0xffff;
 param1 = param->start_addr >> 16;

 HFA384X_OUTW(param1, HFA384X_PARAM1_OFF);
 if (hfa384x_cmd_wait(dev, HFA384X_CMDCODE_DOWNLOAD |
        param0)) {
  //printk(KERN_WARNING "%s: Download command execution failed\n",
  //       dev->name);
  ret = -1;
  goto out;

So param->start_addr is also 0x7f0000?

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