Peter De Cleyn Peter.DeCleyn at
Thu Dec 26 13:32:34 EST 2002

On Thu, 26 Dec 2002, Doug Yeager wrote:

> thanks again peter,
> i think i'm finding out in the docs about something called "cardmgr"  that
> may have to do w/ the pcmcia and pci adapter.
> i did a "find / -name "cardmgr"" and nothing came up on my system.  i
> assume that means i'm missing something that i probably need but not sure.
> any thoughts would be helpful.
> i'm running radhat 7.3 (2.4 kernel).  on a desktop machine w/ that pci adapter.
> i'm guessing i need to rebuild the kernel again for pcmcia or something,
> but unclear if i need to do that.

Yes, as I said you need to handle your adaptor like a PCMIA slot and thus
you need the pcmcia drivers. There are 2 options: the kernel version or
the separate package. the pcmcia_cs package can be found on The other option is to enable the PCMCIA option in your
kernel and install this new kernel.

If you whish to get the most out of hostap you might want to read There's a
list of the upgrades you need if you would like to upgrade to the latest
wireless tools and wireless extentions.

Hope this helps,


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