Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata at
Tue Dec 24 11:04:50 EST 2002

I started to play around with the latest cvs version and the hostapd
program (enabled the option before compilation).


I have a few questions:


1)      Is there a way for hostapd to fork execution? How do I put it in
my init scripts if it doesn't? 


2)      Is there a way to enable a rotating key with the -m option. I
don't care about authenticating based on the 802.1X against a radius
server, I just want to leverage the rotating key functionality if the
client supports it to at least prevent WEP password cracking.


3)      Is there a way to leverage the radius client inside hostapd to
authenticate the MAC address for association? Right now the two options
are either to allow open access or to authenticate against a list of MAC
addresses that gets populated with "iwpriv wlan0 wds_add MAC-goes-here".
The idea is to be able to use a central server for global authentication
of MAC addresses throughout a network of Access Points without having to
maintain the same list in each of them. I know that 802.1X does this but
the idea is to not have to require it on the client side. Perhaps it can
use radius with the MAC as Username and Password and hit the radius
server using PAP.


4)      How does the radius client inside hostapd communicate with the
server? Is it PAP, CHAP, MsChapV2 or am I way off in understanding how
this works?


Thanks in advance,



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