TXPOWER has no impact on ZCOM XI-325H (final report)

Vladimir Ivaschenko hazard at hazard.maks.net
Wed Dec 18 14:38:06 EST 2002

Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 04:05:57PM -0100 Pavel Vondricka wrote about Re: TXPOWER has no impact on ZCOM XI-325H (final report)

> > So what difference were you able to measure? What did you use for
> > measurements?
> It was very simple. The build-in antennas didn't help very much, the signal 
> was almost the same or changig too much by itself. We used two notebooks, 
> each with one card (XI-325 and XI-325H). Later we tried to cennect a 
> directional antenna (about 16-18dB) to the transmitting card (Linux+hostap). 
> The receiving notebook (Win+NetStumbler) was across a hall in another room 
> (at least 5m distance, may be more). When the receiving computer stayed 

Not very scientific. :-) However looks like it really makes difference for
XI-325, and considering that it's low power, there is no reason for ZCom
to use their own amplifier design instead of the standard one. I have a
spectrum analyzer here, but I don't have XI-325. My tests on XI-325H had
similar results to yours and showed that changing on txpower does not
alter its behavior.

Best Regards
Vladimir Ivaschenko

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