Duplicated packets (Was: Re: How to restrict peer bandwidth use)

Gabor Keresztfalvi keresztg at sch.bme.hu
Mon Dec 16 04:57:13 EST 2002

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 03:34:59AM +0000, Simon Waters wrote:
> Although I'm still ironing out network performance issues this
> end - too many duplicates and I can't kill them for some reason.
I had the same problems with two SMC card with STA v0.8.3 as the AP
(with hostapd!) and the client. If the client was a Lucent Bronze card
with the orinoco driver, the duplicates went away... So I've taken the
latest RAM downloadable firmware (v1.5.6 from the original Intersil
ISL3PRDSUIT-EXE_WIN_(2-0-9).zip) for the SMC card, and upgraded them.
Now they work fine, without duplicated packets.
So try the latest firmware...


Ps.: Without hostapd in the AP and with the original 0.8.3 firmware
there were no duplicates as well. Strange, isn't it?

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