How to restrict peer bandwidth use

Simon Waters Simon at
Sun Dec 15 22:34:59 EST 2002

ariel at wrote:
> Is there any way to restrict the bandwidth used by every wireless client.
> I have many users, and i need some to have only 56Kpbs, others 1Mb and
> others should have full bandwidth.

Linux traffic control is documented at

> Merely i just need to restrict internet access, if they can have
> 11mbps(with luck) between themselves would be great, i only want they to
> have slower connections to the internet.

See the "traffic control" thread. You probably need to apply
both policing, and rate limiting, but there are some example
scripts doing something similar.

I'm still fighting the same question. Despite Jouni's comments I
was seeing an effect, with just two clients to the access point,
when one is also the default route of the AP, when applying a
limitation to the outgoing traffic by interface. I wasn't sure
this should work when the access point is just being an access
point but it seems to work as you'd expect for a router.
Although I'm still ironing out network performance issues this
end - too many duplicates and I can't kill them for some reason.


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