WPC11 1.4.2 firmware not AP mode

ariel at fismat.umich.mx ariel at fismat.umich.mx
Thu Dec 12 12:46:29 EST 2002


I got a linksys WPC11


and installed the latest hostap_cs.
But whenever i insert the card (or do a reboot) it shows a message:

"wlan0 warning firmware 1.4.2 does not work in AP mode"

So i searched the web looking for an older firmware, searched and
searched. But i've not found anything. First i went to the linksys webpage
and found a download page

But it says that the WPC11 _does not_ require a firmware. So i cant
download anything.

Please, can you tell me where to find an older firmware, and if i
downgrade will mi card work or it will be messed up?

Or can you tell me a way to make my card work in AP mode?

Thankx  :-D

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