no luck in linux... works in windows.... help!

Linux Rocks! linux at
Mon Dec 9 13:47:25 EST 2002

Andrew mailed me and informed me of that... I should have posted that to the 
list. It seems kinda goofy that the windows client used any, when its a 
reserved word... Ive changd that.... Im still working on getting things going 
properly. Ive done some extensive testing with the orinoco_cs module too... 
but its not quite right yet...


On Monday 09 December 2002 08:15 am, Martin Polak wrote:
: Linux Rocks! schrieb:
: > Let me preface this with an  apology for such a long  message.. I really
: > dont know what Info I need to include....Im sorry its soooo long.
: >
: > I need some help figureing out what Im doing right, and what Im doing
: > wrong, so I can make an AP. I am using a proxim rangelan-ds pcmcia card
: > (using the hostap_cs module). I think Its loading w/out errors Im loading
: > the module (I made an entry in hostap_cs.conf with my manfif, and am
: > using the following options:
: > module "hostap_cs" opts "channel=11 iw_mode=3 edssid=any
: > ignore_cis_vcc=1" Im using the ignore vcc option because it fails to load
: > w/out it (i guess this is a voltage issue..)
: > Im  using the essid "any" because thats what the windows software uses as
: > the default id.
: > iwmode=3 is master
: Ok, i thinks that is your Problem. If you configure your card as master,
: it acts as an AP and that is what you want. ESSID "ANY" is a special
: Wildcard for clients to register with Masters of differnet Essids and
: therefore doesnt make much sense (or even is not allowed) to set it on
: an Accesspoint.
: So try to set ESSID to something different and your clients to managed
: mode (they can use ANY if you want)
: Martin

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