Zcomax 200mw Card And Tx-Power

Dave Edwards Dave.Edwards at abicom-international.com
Mon Dec 9 12:32:49 EST 2002

HP 25GHz (HP8193 I think) or Anritsu.

They are not cheap! A 2.5GHz one will cost in excess of  £10K. If it's 
an issue you could hire one, they tend to be around £500/week (somebody 
correct me if I'm wrong).

Another way of checking would be to see what receive sensitivity you can 
get with a second link on another channel (try 1 & 7). To do this you 
will need a decent variable attenuator (again not cheap) and some RF 
pads. To do the test, measure the rx sensitivity by increasing the 
attenuation until this link stops working (don't forget about shielding) 
then repeat the test with the second link running at full power.

You will see that the sensitivity is around 80dBm at 11Mbit and higher 
at lower data rates. If the tx is splattering this will reduce to around 
40dBm or worse. Additionally the rx sensitivity on the high power link 
may also drop due to distortion in the amplifier.

Hope this helps


Michael Shuler wrote:

>Don't have one but would love to, can you recommend a brand/model?  Any
>idea how much it should cost?  Do you have a card that you recommend?
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>Have you checked the output on a spectrum analyser? We have found that 
>the higher output on some radios can effectively splatter across the 
>whole 83MHz band, rendering it useless. Also this will "noise" can 
>reduce the range of the device significantly.

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