ad-hoc works but master does not

Seungpyo Hong shong at
Sun Dec 8 19:14:02 EST 2002


I've been suffered by same problem with WPC11-firmware v1.4.2.
But I cannot find a later version(v1.4.9) neither in Linksys site nor Intersil site.
( Linksys site have only v1.4.2 as the latest one. )
Where can I find it? 

S. Hong

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On Saturday 07 December 2002 11:29 pm, Brian Sugar wrote:
> redhat 8.0 - master
> mac os x.2 - client
> cannot see access point when redhat box is in master mode only in
> ad-hoc mode.  i have the non broadcom linksys wmp11 pci card (1.4.2
> firmware) in the rh box.

STA 1.4.2 is widely known to be quite busted.  You need to upgrade or 
downgrade your firmware.  If you can't flash it, you can RAM upload 1.4.9.

Check out my HostAP 2002-10-12 howto:

> btw kernel 2.4.20
> help, pls


Jason Boxman
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