Problems with the last CVS version

Victor Aleo victor.aleo at
Sun Dec 8 18:46:26 EST 2002

Jouni Malinen wrote:

>On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 01:04:45AM +0100, Victor Aleo wrote:
>>I have the next problem when a station tx data frames to the AP (both 
>>running the last CVS version):
>>wlan0: RX: dropped FCSErr frame (status=01)
>>wlan0: RX: dropped FCSErr frame (status=2001)
>>wlan0: RX: unknown MACPort 5
>Are you using bridging or having wlan0 configured to promiscuous mode?
>The patch for adding support to station mode promiscuous sniffing and
>multicast caused these things to be printed. Previously firmware dropped
>those frames before they hit the driver.
Yes, I am using bridging with the AP device (wlan0) and an ethernet 
device. Thus, wlan0 is set in promiscous mode as you have pointed out.

>I might revert that patch as far as AP mode is concerned, i.e., not to
>set promiscuous mode in Host AP mode. It is not needed anyway since
>802.11 AP is already receiving all data frames in its own BSS.
>>FCS stands for Frame Check Sequence, if I'm not wrong, but I do not know 
>>what is the problem. I did not have problems with the 2002-10-12 version 
>>of the driver. At the end, more than a half of the packets are not 
>>transmitted. Moreover, the driver decreases the date bit rate of the 
>>station from 11 to 1 Mbps.
>That might be something else.. I would have assumed that those FCS
>errors would not cause this kind of problems (unless printing them is
>using too much CPU power). If you would like to test something before I
>change the CVS version, you could just comment out
>HFA384X_RID_PROMISCUOUSMODE setting in hostap_hw.c function
>prism2_setup_rids(). It should at least remove those "dropped FCSErr
>frame" messages and reduce the number of "unknown MACPort" errors.
I just have comment out HFA384X_RID_PROMISCUOUSMODE setting in 
hostap_hw.c function prism2_setup_rids(). However, the results are 
pretty much the same or even worse because now I get new "wlan0: RX: 
unknown MACPort #" errors, where # can be 1, 3, 4, or 6 (see a part of 
an experiment below).

I think this is a really serious problem due to the stations cannot 
transmit to the AP. Notice that my AP is bridged with an ethernet device 
and I did not have this problem with the version 2002-10-12 of the 
driver. Have you tried the last CVS version with the configuration I 
have: AP bridged with an ethernet device?

wlan0: RX: dropped FCSErr frame (status=8001)
wlan0: RX: unknown MACPort 6
wlan0: RX: dropped FCSErr frame (status=8001)
wlan0: RX: dropped FCSErr frame (status=01)
wlan0: RX: dropped FCSErr frame (status=2001)



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