Support for Native 802.11 Wifi on Windows?

James Rowe jroweboy at
Fri Jul 24 18:50:26 EDT 2015

I've recently been trying my hand at porting libdrc to windows (a library
that uses wpa_supplicant and hostapd to connect a Wii U gamepad to a PC)
but I've been running into issues using wpa_supplicant on Windows. I've
tried both Windows 7 with the driver that comes with the wifi usb drive,
and also on a Windows 8.1 machine with the native NDIS 6.4 windows driver.
I've compiled wpa_supplicant through cygwin using ndis / winpcap and also
ndis / ndisuio. The former version couldn't seem to find my device ID, so I
recompiled with NDISUIO support instead and it was able to tell me my
device ID. When I finally ran it, it complained about just about every
function failing and returning error code 31 (ERROR_GEN_FAILURE) and
eventually it dumped out this

The driver seems to use Native 802.11 OIDs. These are not yet fully

I went back and tried to use the winpcap version of the code as well, but
it too failed with a message about native 802.11. What will it take to
support native 802.11 OIDs? I'm guessing that it needs a new driver for it
that uses the newer windows APIs, but I wanted some more knowledgeable
opinions on the matter before I just jump into this.
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