Support of OLBC in hostAP and Supplicant

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While working in 2.4 GHz , there is a need to update the ERP IE in beacon/probe response.

According to supplicant 2.4, it appears that the supplicant does not register for beacon.

In nl80211_mgmt_subscribe_ap, we can see that

/* Beacon doesn't work as mac80211 doesn't currently allow

* it, but it wouldn't really be the right thing anyway as

* it isn't per interface ... maybe just dump the scan

* results periodically for OLBC?


                                /* WLAN_FC_STYPE_BEACON, */

How is it handled currently in supplicant? I see that ap_list_process_beacon function handles these updates but as beacon is not subscribed, how does this function get invoked?

Or the underlying driver is supposed to handle it?



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