An issue while working with P2P

Atul Joshi Atul.Joshi at
Tue Jul 14 05:10:38 EDT 2015

 The x call back in ieee80211_ops has a return void. In case of CMD_FRAME , I  would assume it translates to tx call back so I think the ENOSYS may have been called by some module above the driver which corresponds to  this error ?

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On Tue, 2015-07-14 at 08:48 +0000, Atul Joshi wrote:
> > > This can only come from your driver, the stack never returns that 
> > > value.
> Understood. So the frame does travers to the driver and this rejection 
> is not in cfg80211/mac80211. Am I  correct?
That would be my assumption. I suppose there's a slight chance of something going wrong in the syscalls or something, but that seems like a stretch. Better look for -ENOSYS in the driver first.


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