Problem with the ROAM wpa_cli command and external scans.

Jouni Malinen j at
Fri Jul 10 13:52:48 EDT 2015

On Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 06:13:07AM -0700, Ben Greear wrote:
> On 07/08/2015 03:59 PM, Ben Greear wrote:
> >1436395477.423911: sta100: Control interface command 'ROAM 04:F0:21:98:D2:34'
> >1436395477.423949: CTRL_IFACE ROAM 04:f0:21:98:d2:34
> >1436395477.423958: CTRL_IFACE ROAM: No network configuration known for the target AP
> After reading the code more closely, this last error message actually just
> appears to mean that the station is not currently associated, and one cannot roam
> when not already associated?

Correct, ROAM is special test functionality to allow within-ESS roaming
cases to be tested.

> Maybe we should automatically try to do a 'RECONNECT' in this case?

Why? This is very special command and I'd claim that anything using it
should be aware of association status as well and as such, should know
when to use RECONNECT/REATTACH/REASSOCIATE.. That external program needs
to take care of getting the target BSS into the cfg80211 BSS cache
anyway, i.e., this is not really supposed to be used in normal use

> In general, it would be nice if wpa_cli had a way to pass very specific error strings
> or codes + string back to the calling program..that way calling code could be made to know the
> exact failure reasons and take appropriate action...  Any suggestions as to how to go
> about doing this?

Are you talking about the control interface in general (i.e.,
wpa_supplicant behavior) or something new that wpa_cli would do?

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