[PATCH 0/3] AP: association race fixes

Michal Kazior michal.kazior at tieto.com
Thu Jul 9 08:26:23 EDT 2015


I've originally pointed out the (not entirely new
apparently) problem[1].

I'm aware this patchset isn't an ideal solution
and might need quite a rework (including mac80211)
to be completely satisfactory. However I'll be a
little busy now and might not have the time to do

Since I've tested this and it seems to work for
me I want to at least post it and see what you
think and avoid patches from rotting in my local
repo. I won't complain if it's going to be
rejected. At least I'll know how _not_ to fix the

Patch #3 was originally done by Eliad[2]. I've
updated it a bit. It didn't contain an s-o-b so
I've added a Cc and kept From.

 [1]: http://lists.shmoo.com/pipermail/hostap/2015-July/033255.html
 [2]: https://github.com/TI-OpenLink/hostap/commit/bf21f3fe7541cd17b7b92aaf6bf06a00e9ec28bb

Eliad Peller (1):
  AP: save eapol for later use (fix EAPOL Start race)

Michal Kazior (2):
  AP: add station to driver before sending Assoc Resp
  AP: disconnect station on (Re)Assoc Resp xmit fail

 src/ap/hostapd.c    |   3 ++
 src/ap/hostapd.h    |   5 ++
 src/ap/ieee802_11.c | 139 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 src/ap/ieee802_1x.c |  11 +++++
 4 files changed, 118 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)


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