Association race when acting as AP?

Johannes Berg johannes at
Thu Jul 2 04:38:55 EDT 2015

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> To me this looks like a race in hostapd. The station should be 
> installed to driver _before_ sending Assoc Resp frame, not after. My 
> quick-n-dirty hack seems to help:
> Is anyone aware of this problem already? Anyone working on it? Any 
> gotchas I should be aware of before I go into fixing this in a proper 
> way? Or am I missing something and this isn't actually a problem?

The TI folks had a similar patch that broke open networks, not sure
what was wrong there.

Ultimately, depending on the nl80211 capabilities, the station should
in fact be added (as unauthenticated) before even sending the
authentication response frame, and then stepping through the stages

It should also react to errors by sending a negative association
response I guess.


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