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Lara Deek laradeek at
Thu Feb 3 13:53:50 EST 2011

I am using hostapd with nl80211. I have two concerns:

1) I am running a sniffer on the same machine A that is running hostapd. The
sniffer does not capture beacon messages (only captures probe request and
response packets, both broadcast and unicast). I ran a sniffer from another
machine B (with a different card) in monitor mode, and B does in fact
capture beacon messages (but never from A). Is there any reason why I do not
sniff beacon frames on A? How can I fix this?

2) I understand that hostapd only configures mac80211 with a template and
beacon interval, but does not actually send beacons. Is enabling beacon
transmission related to the firmware or driver? I have an AirMagnet C1060 PC
card with an an Atheros, ath9k support, chipset that is not sending beacon
messages. How should enable beacon transmission?

According to the AirMagnet datasheet, I just noticed they have mentioned the
operation mode is only "Infrastructure mode". Could this be why beacons are
not being transmitted (although it does respond to Probe request frames)? Or
even received (my question 1)?

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