Setting authentication algorithm

Dmitry Shmidt dimitrysh at
Tue Jan 15 14:28:16 EST 2008


I am using supplicant version 0.5.8 (seems same behavior at 0.5.9 as well).
Supplicant calls:
    wpa_supplicant_associate( ssid ) {
         wpa_drv_set_auth_alg(wpa_s, algs);

wpa_drv_set_auth_alg calls driver's layer set_auth_alg().
In my case in order to set authentication algorithm properly I need to know
"proto" field from ssid.
Unfortunately "proto" is not saved on this step in wpa structure.

My question is what is the best way to achieve "proto" field data in
set_auth_alg() call without changing supplicant code ?


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