what happened to the anonymous cvs repository?

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at cc.hut.fi
Sat Sep 30 19:51:47 EDT 2006

On Sat, Sep 30, 2006 at 06:21:49PM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> The CVS server was up yesterday.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Yesterday? Well, maybe in some time zones. The server I used for
hostap.epitest.fi died on Thursday and I had to move the pages to
another server. Both the CVS pserver and Bugzilla are down at the
moment because of this.

However, taken into account how much extra effort is needed for setting
up CVS pserver in a secure way, I don't think I will be doing it again.
Especially so, since I'm likely to stop using CVS for new development in
the near future.

If someone knows of a server that provides pserver output and allows one
to use rsync to upload the CVS repository, I could consider using
another server for this. If not, we may have to live without pserver and
I could just make the raw cvsroot directory available for downloading to
allow CVS to be used locally elsewhere in the same manner as pserver
(i.e., to get updates from my repository).
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