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Atif Ikram Atif.Ikram at jdsu.com
Mon Sep 25 15:48:01 EDT 2006

Hello all,


I have a simple question for 802.1x experts.  We are running xsupplicant
in Linux based embedded device and we need to get proper certificates to
get authenticated to our client's network with EAP-TLS method.  For my
testing purposes so far, I have been playing with self signed
certificates using openssl and have been getting authenticated with
freeRADIUS server.


We do not know what type of RADIUS server is installed on our client's
network.  All we know is that it is setup with EAP-TLS as default
authentication method.  Now I am thinking we need to contact Verisign or
Entrust to get at least one client certificate and the CA certificate
with public key.  When I go to their website, they seem to be addressing
server certificates only and for clients they are only issuing
certificates for web browsers.  


For servers they require Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to be
submitted by us.  Do we use the same criteria for client certificate as
well for supplicant ? If not then how do we obtain client certificate
(used by xsupplicant for example) from a company like Verisign ?


Thanks in advance

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