hostap support for my card ?

ronald rwarsow at
Mon Sep 25 15:42:22 EDT 2006

hallo all

i'm quit sure my question was often send to the list, but searching the 
web and reading and reading i simple get confused.

lspci -nv:
      1260:3890 (rev 01)
sub: 16a5:1605

a got this old prism based card 2 years ago and i'm not sure if
i'll get it running with wpa in some way.

the prism54 mailing list seems to be dead, related sites are not 
available since some weeks (dead links).

first of all:
is my card (prism III -iirc fullmac-) the same as the so called prism3 ?
or in general is it supported by hostap ?

if i read
i see the card is supported.
but if search through the list i can read it is not....

all a little bit confusing to me.

do i miss something or understand something wrong ?
can anyone point me to right docs/links ?
or give me a clear answer ?


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