Problems with hostap and missing wlan0 on Fedora 5

Per Weisteen per at
Fri Sep 22 08:21:55 EDT 2006

Dan Williams wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 00:45 +0200, Per Weisteen wrote:
>> Hi
>> Somehow I've managed to remove the wlan0 device from my Fedora 5
>> installation. I'm not sure if this happened during my attempt to define
>> correct parameters for the wifi0 device and me actually removing the
>> wlan0 device intentionally or if it happended during the first yum based
>> upgrade. Since on my old 2.4 kernel I only had a wifi0 I didn't check
>> the README info on how the new hostap module actually generated two
>> devices. Anyhow, I now need some help in defining the wlan0 device
>> because it doesn't turn up any more.
> Not sure if this will fix it; but be sure to blacklist orinoco and
> orinoco_pci in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.  You don't want both orinoco
> and hostap loaded for the same hardware.
> Dan

Thanks, that did the trick.

Per W.

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