wpa_supplicant: roaming functionality

Pradeep Sengar pradeep.sengar at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 05:41:53 EDT 2006

I have two open networks with ssid "Guest1"(AP1) & "Guest2"(AP2).
Configuration files look likes this:

network= {
              ssid = "Guest1"
network= {
              ssid = "Guest2"

I am running wpa_supplicant as service(wpasvc) and using wpa_cli to connect
to the network.
I want to check the roaming functionality of wpa_supplicant. The idea is
1) To connect to the network with the greater signal strength.
2) When I am connected to one AP (say Guest1) and i switch it off manually I
automatically get connected to the other AP.

How can I test the above mentioned functionalities using wpa_cli? What are
the commands that I need to execute from wpa_cli?
what should be the "ap_scan" value in this case?

Pradeep Singh
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