can't associate using wpa_supplicant, sharp zaurus and Sandisk wifi card

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Thu Sep 21 12:40:13 EDT 2006

On 21 Sep 2006 at 8:00, Dan Williams wrote:

> If you're disabling SSID broadcasting, what value of "ap_scan" are you
> using in the config file?  

Ahh, none, I think I had that set to 1 on the OZ3.5.3 machine before 
the ipkg installed version of the wpa_supplicant overwrote that file.

> Also, run an 'iwlist ethX scan', look for your AP, and see what
> encryption algs it says it actually supports for the WPA IE and RSN IE. 

It's advertising as TKIP, however the router is definetaly set to AES 

> I tried a Netgear WGR614 the other day, with disabled SSID broadcast,
> and I had to match _exactly_ the WPA IE the thing put out or
> wpa_supplicant wouldn't connect.  For example, if the WPA IE only has
> TKIP in it, set your group_cipher to _only_ TKIP and retry.  

Hmm, what about the pairwise entry, should it be set to the same as 
the group entry?

That was
> the only thing which made the WGR614 and wpa_supplicant happy with
> disabled SSID broadcast.  Interestingly, a Linksys WRT54GS also with
> disabled SSID broadcast had no problem with "group_cipher=TKIP CCMP"
> even though it was only advertising TKIP support.

Hmm, the Fortigate unit did not have ssid broadcast disabled. I'll 
try enabling ssid broadcast on my linksys and see what happens. 
However the MN-700 had ssid broadcast enabled and it failed in the 
same way.

Okay, here's the current config file


Hmm, enabled ssid broadcast on the linksys and it connects, disable 
ssid broadcast, it doesn't. :-( 
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