How to configure integrated EAP server

Tran Thanh Dinh dinh107 at
Fri Sep 15 09:00:13 EDT 2006


  I want to test wpa_supplicant and hostapd. I've just
a Dlink DWL-G520 wireless card. I installed
successfully madwifi and hostapd and the wireless card
seems to work fine in master mode. I created the
bridge br0 between eth0 and ath0.

  For the test, I want to use the EAP integrated
server and 802.1X with any EAP method. I choosed

  On the hostapd side, I added the following entry in
"md5"        MD5      "md5"

  On the wpa_supplicant side, the conf file is

  And the communication doesnt seem to work. The log
on hostap is: "Network is down" and it stucks here.
wpa_supplicant can detect the 8021X_test network but
it skips because of "no WPA/RSN IE"

  Could you please help me out to have it work please?
In one of the previous question, someone already asked
about the configuration of EAP integrated server but I
couldn't find a clear answer.

  If it can not work with MD5, then which method
should I use please? 

  Thanks a lot for any help,
  Best regards,

Dinh Tran

--- Atif Ikram <Atif.Ikram at> wrote:

> If you guys are using xsupplicant for the supplicant
> then it may not
> work.  I tried it and it did not whereas EAP-TLS
> does work.  Looks like
> MD5 is broken on either xsupplicant or HostAP.  The
> radius server was
> not receiving password in its logs whereas it did
> with radtest
> executable.
> Was anyone else able to get MD5 working on
> xsupplicant ?
> Atif
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> >Hello,
> >can you please Help me (step-by step) how to
> configure hostapd with an
> integrated eap server
> I even tried configuring it and find no success.
> please help ! 
> Regards, 
> Rajat 
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