Broadcast packet cannot be forwarded to downward link

sakumoto@mobile-core kazu.sakumoto at
Thu Sep 14 03:04:36 EDT 2006


I have a test of EAP-TLS case with WindowsXP supplicant and VitalAAA,
and I have some problem that broadcast packet cannot be forwarded to
downward link.

Test network configuration is as follows.

[WindowsXP] ----(802.11b)---- [HostAP] ---- [Router] ---- [Radius server]
                               *bridge       *DHCP server

                     broadcast packet
           ---------------------------------> OK
                                 <----------  NG

Radius server is Lucent VitalAAA, and Router is Cisco hosting DHCP server.
HostAP box is a Linux and it bridge between wlan0 and eth0 interfase.

First of all, WindowsXP become successful of authentication by EAP-TLS,
it get the "EAP success" state.

After that WindowsXP PC send a DHCP discover to Router, Router get this packet,
then send back DHCP offer by broadcast packet, but WindowsXP cannot get this
DHCP offer packet, so WindowsXP cannot get its ip address.

I tested some cases and I found that all broadcast packet was dropped in
HostAP box torward downward link.

Could you help me how to overcome this problem.

Best regards,

Kazunori Sakumoto

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