hostapd + vlans - which version of hostapd is documented?!

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Wed Sep 13 18:21:59 EDT 2006

Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Is it version, changed by Devicespace? But hostpad GPLed and I can 
> not find changed sources...

Actually, I don't believe hostapd is GPL.  I believe it's dual-licensed,
either GPL or BSD at the licensee's discretion.

If that's true, then Devicescape probably chose the BSD license, which
would allow them to release binaries without sources.

And they're also the company that employs Jouni (who is -- AFAIK -- the
only developer of this project, and is certainly the head maintainer),
so it may also be that they really own the copyright on the code.  And
if *that's* true, they can release it as many times as they want under
as many different licenses as they want. You still have all the rights
given to you by the GPL if you obtained a GPLed copy, of course.
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